Financial Services >> CEO Interviews >> December 9, 2014

Interview with the President and CEO: Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERII)

Rooney, Thomas S.
Thomas S. Rooney Jr. has been the President and Chief Executive Officer at Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERII), since 2011. Known for its award-winning technology to harvest usable energy from high-pressure fluids, Energy Recovery has exploded its growth potential in desalination and by adapting its best-in-class energy recovery technologies to serve to global oil and gas, chemical and other untapped industries. Motivated by triple-bottom-line thinking, Mr. Rooney is helping these industries make their processes more productive, profitable and environmentally safer in the process. Profile
TWST: You recently announced that you signed a contract with ConocoPhillips. Can you tell us about that contract and what it’s going to mean for you?

Mr. Rooney: Yes, so