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Interview with the Executive Vice President & CFO: Entergy Corporation (ETR)

Andrew Marsh
Andrew Marsh was named Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Entergy Corporation on February 1, 2013. He is responsible for corporatewide finance, accounting tax, internal audit, treasury, investor relations, corporate development and planning activities, as well as information technology. Mr. Marsh also serves as a member of the office of the chief executive and is an officer of numerous Entergy subsidiaries. He sits on the boards of directors of Entergy Arkansas, Inc.; Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C.; Entergy Louisiana, LLC; Entergy Mississippi, Inc.; Entergy Texas, Inc.; and System Energy Resources, Inc. Mr. Marsh was previously Vice President of System Planning and Operations — SPO. In that role, he oversaw the planning and operation of the Entergy system. SPO is responsible for dispatching generation, buying fuel for fossil-generating plants, planning and securing resources to meet the long-term needs of the system, developing its regulatory strategy, and ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations. Before becoming Vice President of SPO, Mr. Marsh served as Vice President of Planning and Financial Communications, where he was responsible for several key financial processes, including strategic planning, financial planning, investment approval, financial communications and commercial analytics. Mr. Marsh has held numerous other leadership positions at Entergy, including Director of Corporate Planning and Performance, Vice President of Strategic Planning, and Vice President of Planning and Financial Communications. Mr. Marsh also served as Vice President of Strategic Planning at Entergy-Koch, LP. Mr. Marsh joined Entergy in 1998 as an associate in the strategic planning and special projects group. Mr. Marsh has a master’s in management degree from Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame.     Profile
TWST: How would you characterize the current regulatory environment, and what rate cases have you recently settled or do you have pending?

Mr. Marsh: Well, thanks for having me. We have