Industry & Services >> CEO Interviews >> July 24, 2014

Interview with the Chairman, President and CEO: ITC Holdings Corp. (ITC)

Welch, Joseph L.
Joseph L. Welch, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for the strategic vision and overall business operation of ITC Holdings Corp. and its subsidiaries. Under Mr. Welch's leadership, ITC and its subsidiaries have been singularly focused on investing in the high-voltage transmission system in order to provide best-in-class service to customers, and pursuing transmission infrastructure improvements that will increase reliability, reduce constraints and lower the total cost of delivered energy. Mr. Welch is a leading voice in energy policy development that will support an evolving energy future and national economic development. Since the beginning of his career in the utility business in 1971, Mr. Welch has held positions of increasing responsibility in the electricity transmission, distribution, rates, load research, marketing, pricing, and regulatory affairs that included the development and implementation of regulatory strategies. He established ITCTransmission as a standalone entity from its parent corporation in 2003 in Michigan, and as the largest fully independent transmission company in America, ITC and its subsidiaries now span across a seven-state region. Mr. Welch has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kansas and is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Michigan. Profile
TWST: This year marks the first year of your new five-year capital plan. Can you give us an overview of that plan and tell us about some of the key projects?

Mr. Welch: We pretty much