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Interview with the Co-Founder and CEO: Nanobiotix (EPA:NANO)

Levy, Laurent
Laurent Levy is the Co-Founder of Nanobiotix and has been Chief Executive Officer since March 2003. He was appointed as Chairman of the executive board in 2004. He has extensive experience in sciences and techniques related to nanotechnologies. His research at the frontier of biotechnology and nanotechnologies has resulted in the development of a number of concrete applications, such as NBTXR3, which could open a new method for cancer treatment. Earlier, he was a consultant for Altran Technologies and worked in the development of the application of nanotechnologies with companies such as Sanofi S.A., Guerbet S.A. and Rhodia S.A., as well as for early-stage biotechnology companies. He also has been Chairman of the supervisory board of Valbiotis since March 2017, was a member of the Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board from 2014 to 2019 and Vice Chairman of the executive board of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine from 2012 to 2019. He is the author of more than 35 international scientific publications and has applied for several patents. He holds a doctorate in physical chemistry from Pierre and Marie Curie University, or Universite Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie, in Paris and from the CEA, or Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, and a DEA — advanced studies and diplomas — in physics of condensed matter from the UPVI-ESPCI, Paris, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics at the State University of New York, Buffalo.   Profile
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TWST: Could you tell me about the company?

Dr. Levy: Yes, of course. Nanobiotix was incorporated in 2003 on the idea that we could bring