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International Value Investing

Larsson, Tina
Tina Larsson is the Chief Investment Officer of Pendo LLC, which she cofounded in February of 2007. Ms. Larsson conducts bottom-up fundamental research and heads the research team. Ms. Larsson began in 1996 as a Research Analyst at Horizon Asset Management, Inc., an independent portfolio manager/RIA and provider of proprietary research. She has been published in multiple subscription-based investment research products, including “The Spin-Off Report” and “The Contrarian Research Report.” During her tenure as a Portfolio Manager and growth into the acting COO, 2002-2007, this division grew from approximately $75 million to approximately $12 billion AUM. Ms. Larsson has a BBA and MBA, both from Pace University.  Profile
Foley, Mark
Mark Foley is the President and Chief Compliance Officer of Pendo LLC, which he cofounded in February of 2000. As part of the research team, Mr. Foley is a generalist conducting fundamental bottom-up research. He is a member of the firm’s investment committee, which makes all investment decisions, and he also leads the firm’s economic research. Mr. Foley’s research is frequently published on financial websites such as Morningstar, The Motley Fool,, Business Insider and Advice IQ. Mr. Foley has served as an independent consultant specializing in financial institutions, working with many of the industry's largest banks and wire houses as a Financial Management Consultant. Mr. Foley began his Wall Street career on the sell side with Shearson Lehman Hutton in 1988. Mr. Foley has a B.S. from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from Pace University.  Profile
TWST: Please start with a brief history of Pendo, and an overview of the firm and its products today.

Mr. Foley: The international strategy is five years old this past month. The