Technology >> CEO Interviews >> April 3, 2000

Graham Wylie – Xaar Plc (xar.l)

GRAHAM WYLIE is the Chief Executive Officer of Xaar Plc. He joined Xaar in March 1991 as the Finance Director and took over as CEO in early 1993. Before joining Xaar he had similar experience of listing a start- up venture with IBS plc, which was a pioneer in the portable and hand held computer business. IBS was in the first wave of companies to list on the USM (roughly the UK equivalent of US OTC market) following its formation in 1981. Eventually IBS was sold to a US Fortune 100 company and Graham was asked to continue running IBS as a subsidiary. However, the challenge of building a company from virtually nothing was always the key target for Graham and the opportunity offered by Xaar was enough to persuade him to leave a comfortable existence and throw himself once more into the turbulent world of hi tech development. The attractions offered by small companies are many, not least of which is the challenge of matching the needs of a technology development company against the inevitable scarcity of funds and the need to prove real commercial as well as technical progress to the venture capital backers. In addition, obviously the camaraderie of a small company and the sharing of each success (and failure) with a close group of colleagues are important to him personally. Xaar is just beginning to realise the potential which Graham recognised at the start. Profile
TWST: Could you begin by giving us a brief overview of XAAR Plc? And

then describe the business and company of today.

Mr. Wylie: XAAR is an ink-jet technology company. Technology is the