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Global & Super-regional Banks: Daniel Earthman – Wachovia Asset Management

DANIEL S. EARTHMAN, CFA is a Senior Vice President with Wachovia Asset Management, serving as an Institutional Portfolio Manager, Primary Securities Analyst for the Core Equity product's financial sector team, and a member of the Equity Strategy Committee. He was previously associated with Wachovia Asset Management and Bank of America. Mr. Earthman has over 17 years of professional investment experience and is a member of the Association for Investment Management and Research and the North Carolina Society of Financial Analysts. He received a BA from Southern Methodist University and an MA in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Profile
TWST: Will you begin with the equity management process at Wachovia

Asset Management?

Mr. Earthman: We have six teams of investment professionals who cover

the different sectors of the S&P