Technology >> CEO Interviews >> July 27, 2000

Faraj Aalaei – Centillium Communications (ctlm)

FARAJ AALAEI, Chief Executive Officer of Centillium Communications, Inc., has more than 19 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Prior to co-founding Centillium, he was the Director of Access Product Planning and Management at Fujitsu's Network Communications in Richardson, Texas. Mr. Aalaei was the architect of Fujitsu's broadband access technologies, including DSL products. Before Fujitsu, he spent 10 years at Bell Labs designing advanced telecommunications products. Mr. Aalaei also spent four years as a Microwave Design Engineer at M/A Comm in Burlington, Mass. Mr. Aalaei holds an MSEE from University of Massachusetts and an MBA from University of New Hampshire. He holds one US patent. Profile
TWST: Why don't we start out by your giving us a brief overview of

Centillium Communications ' the company's history, products, customers,

those kinds of things?

Mr. Aalaei: Centillium was