Industry & Services >> CEO Interviews >> August 16, 2012

EvoLucia Lighting (ILED)

Interiano, Mel
Mel Interiano is the CEO and Chairman of Evolucia Inc. He is an accomplished lighting industry veteran. He worked for OSRAM SYLVANIA, the lighting division of Siemens, for 15 years. Mr. Interiano has successfully executed strategic projects in the U.S. and abroad. These projects range from manufacturing to sales development. In manufacturing, Mr. Interiano has relocated manufacturing facilities, implemented lean manufacturing methods and has improved operational efficiencies. As a business development manager, Mr. Interiano was instrumental in OSRAM SYLVANIA’s top SSL projects delivering top- and bottom-line sales records with strategic national accounts, winning a corporate-wide sales Innovation award. Most recently, Mr. Interiano was in charge of all international sales for OSRAM SYLVANIA where in just a few months, he broke sales records and created innovative business models for LED sales. Mr. Interiano has an undergrad in chemical engineering from the University of Rhode Island and is about to complete an MBA in finance from Northeastern University. He has also attended executive management development programs at Cornell University and is an expert in statistical analysis. Profile
TWST: Would you start with a brief overview of the history and evolution of EvoLucia?

Mr. Interiano: Absolutely. EvoLucia was formerly known as Sunovia Energy, and the company