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Enterprise Software: Kevin Ashton – Deutsche Bank

KEVIN ASHTON is a Senior Analyst for Deutsche Bank. He received a BA with Honors in Modern Languages (French and German) from Bristol University and subsequently completed an MBA by distance learning (Warwick University). He joined S.G. Warburg Securities in 1990 and was a Belgian Analyst from 1992 to 1994 (ranked #2 in Extel), and Head of Swiss Research from 1994 to 1995 (ranked #5 in Extel and #4 in Greenwich). Mr. Ashton moved to Deutsche Morgan Grenfell in September 1995 to join the food and manufacturing team (#3 in Extel for 1997), and became the Senior Software Analyst in January 1999. Profile
TWST: Enterprise software companies are a diverse group of companies.

How do you organize your coverage?

Mr. Ashton: It is a pretty diverse group of companies. We split the

software sector