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David R. Mueller – Comair Holdings Inc (comr)

DAVID R. MUELLER is Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Comair Holdings, Inc., the parent corporation of Comair, Inc., the Cincinnati based Delta Connection airline. Presently, Mr. Mueller serves on the Local Government Task Force Committee and is a member of the Cincinnati business Committee. He is also a member of Conquistadors Del Cielo. In addition, he has served as a past officer of the Cincinnati Chapter of the International Young President's Organization and remains an active member. Mr. Mueller has also held numerous board positions with various public companies in the United States. He is also involved with several charitable organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area. Mr. Mueller is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and has two children. Profile
TWST: Give us a thumbnail sketch on Conair as it stands today?

Mr. Mueller: We're the largest independent regional in the United

States. That means that we're publicly traded, and not owned