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Dale Kutnick – Meta Group Inc (metg)

DALE KUTNICK has been Chief Executive Officer, President, co-Research Director and co-Founder of META Group, Inc. since its inception in January 1989. In addition, Mr. Kutnick was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors in May 1998. Mr. Kutnick served as Research Director from the inception of the corporation in January 1989 to June 1998 and has served as co-Research Director since July 1998. In addition to his operational responsibilities, Mr. Kutnick co-directs all of META Group's research and analytic activities. He is also a regular participant in the activities of Executive Directions, which prepares customized research for CIOs. Prior to co-founding META Group, Mr. Kutnick was Executive Vice President of Research at Gartner Group and an Executive Vice President at Gartner Securities. Prior to his experience at Gartner Group, he served as an Executive Director, Research Director and Principal at Yankee Group and as a Principal at Battery Ventures, a venture capital firm. Mr. Kutnick is a graduate of Yale University. Profile
TWST: First, give us, from your own perspective, a bit of a background

summary on META Group. Then describe what you see today as the business

and the company.

Mr. Kutnick: META Group is a