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Craig Steinberg – Sabre Partners Lp

CRAIG B. STEINBERG is a Portfolio Manager with Sabre Partners, L.P. and Sabre Capital International, LTD, President (since August 1997), and Director of Research of Atalanta/Sosnoff Capital Corporation (Delaware). He served as Executive Vice President and Director of Research for Atalanta/Sosnoff since 1994. Mr. Steinberg has been a Portfolio Manager since 1990. Prior to joining Atalanta/Sosnoff in 1985 as an Analyst, Mr. Steinberg was a securities analyst at Prudential Equity Management. He earned a BSE degree from the Wharton School of business at the University of Pennsylvania in 1983. Mr. Steinberg lives in Weston, Connecticut with his wife and five children. Profile
TWST: Craig you have achieved outstanding performance with Sabre

Partners. Is it a complex strategy?

Mr. Steinberg: No, it's a simple strategy, complicated only by the fact

that we go both