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Courtney D. Smith – Orbitex Management Inc

COURTNEY D. SMITH brings extensive knowledge of the global marketplace to his position of Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for Orbitex Management, Inc. Responsible for overseeing portfolio management of Orbitex's innovative funds, Mr. Smith played an integral part in hiring the talented portfolio managers of the Strategic Natural Resources Fund and Info-Tech and Communications Fund. Mr. Smith is the portfolio manager for the Orbitex Growth Fund. Prior to Orbitex, Mr. Smith founded and was President and Chief Investment Officer of Pinnacle Capital management. He led Pinnacle to success by finding global investments that were best suited for each client's portfolio. Mr. Smith had earlier served as first Vice President and Treasurer of the new York branch of the Swiss bank Banca della Svizzera Italian (BSI). A President and Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Financial Services, he led this $100-million futures and stock brokerage firm to a 50% growth in sales and a dramatic increase in profits. Previously, Mr. Smith was group Vice President in charge of financial derivatives at the French bank Banque Paribas, New York and Vice President and Director of futures research and commercial services for Paine Webber, Inc. Mr. Smith is Editor-In- Chief of 'Commodity Traders Consumer Reports' and formerly Editor of 'World Investment Strategic Edge'. The author of six books published by McGraw-Hill and John Wiley & Sons, he has been a featured speaker at investment conferences throughout North America and Europe. Mr. Smith has appeared on television for the Wall Street Journal Report, Moneyline, and a number of CNBC business and personal finance programs. Mr. Smith is featured in 'Who's Who in Finance and Industry' and is on the board of directors of several unaffiliated corporations. Profile
TWST: Value and growth are often seen as opposites. You seek stocks that

provide both. Would you tell us more about that approach?

Mr. Smith: We really have a triple screen approach to stock