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Contrarian, Value-oriented Investing – Raymond F. Saleeby – Saleeby & Associates, Inc.

Raymond F. Saleeby is the Owner and President of Saleeby & Associates, Inc. In 1982, Mr. Saleeby attended St. Louis University to pursue an MBA. Three-quarters of the way through the program, he was offered a chance to become a Broker for R. Rowland Company. He worked at R. Rowland for almost five years. As Mr. Saleeby's experience and reputation grew, he sought to provide his services in a smaller, more progressive environment. In 1987 he started working for a small brokerage firm named Forsyth Securities. In 1988 two of the three partners decided to sell the firm, and Mr. Saleeby consequently purchased Forsyth Securities with another partner. Over the years, Forsyth Securities grew and expanded to more than 35 employees. As Mr. Saleeby's visionary and philosophical directions for the business grew and changed, he parted with Forsyth Securities and formed Saleeby & Associates in April 2001. Mr. Saleeby published a newsletter between December 1987 and May 1996, during which time he and his newsletter received national attention. Articles written about him, his thoughts and his recommendations have been published in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Business Journal, annual reports and other various periodicals. In addition, he has been quoted on the cable television channel CNBC. Profile
TWST: Please start with a brief historical background and overview of yourself and your firm.

Mr. Saleeby: It started in 1982. At that time, I was attending St. Louis University in the MBA program,