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Christianna Wood – Denver Investment Advisors

CHRISTIANNA WOOD is a Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Director of Value Strategies for Denver Investment Advisors, LLC. She has been with the firm for over five years and in 2000 assumed primary responsibility for managing the Small-Cap and Mid-Cap Value strategies. Ms. Wood's prior investment experience includes five years at The Burridge Group as a Principal and Portfolio Manager/Analyst, and 10 years at Prudential Equity Management as a Portfolio Manager/Analyst and Investment Analyst. She earned her BA Cum Laude from Vassar College and her MBA from New York University. She is a current member of the Denver Society of Securities Analysts and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Profile
TWST: Before we learn about Denver Investment Advisors' new mid-cap

value product, would you point out what differentiates your investment

approach at DIA?

Ms. Wood: We have a long history in