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China’s Export And Domestic Markets – John Ma – Roth Capital Partners

JOHN MA is the Director of China Research and Chief Representative of ROTH Capital Partners' representative office in Shanghai, China. He joined ROTH in 2006 as an International Research Analyst and focuses on China-related securities. Prior to joining ROTH, Mr. Ma was a Portfolio Manager at Innovus Financial Solutions, a Houston wealth management firm affiliated with AIG American General. Prior to Innovus, he was a Senior Financial Consultant at FleetBoston Financial, now a Bank of America company. Mr. Ma received his B.A. in journalism from Fudan University in China. He has an M.A. in mass communication from Louisiana State University and an MBA in finance from University of Houston. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. Profile
TWST: Where would you like to start, considering the broad scope of your coverage?

Mr. Ma: I can definitely start on key points like exports. Yeah, because I am quite familiar with the export sector.