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Building a Portfolio with Multiple Levels of Diversification

Cuggino, Michael J.
Michael J. Cuggino has served as the President and Portfolio Manager of Permanent Portfolio Family of Funds since his investment advisory firm, Pacific Heights Asset Management, LLC, began managing the fund’s four portfolios on May 1, 2003. Mr. Cuggino has served as a trustee of the fund since 1998, as its Chairman of the board and President since 2003, and as its Secretary since 2006. From 1993 through 2007, Mr. Cuggino served as the fund’s Treasurer. Mr. Cuggino serves as the manager and sole trustee of the sole member — also as the President and Chief Executive Officer — of Pacific Heights since its founding in 2002. Mr. Cuggino previously served in various accounting, auditing and taxation capacities at Ernst & Young LLP and one of its predecessor firms, Arthur Young & Company, from 1985 through 1991. Mr. Cuggino is a Certified Public Accountant — inactive — and received his undergraduate degrees in accountancy and management from Bentley University. Profile
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TWST: Now, we have spoken to you before about the Permanent Portfolio, but I did want to give you an opportunity to describe it again for the uninitiated but also broadly