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Bottom-up Investing in Canadian Equities

Stephen Takacsy is the Chief Investment Officer of Lester Asset Management as well as the Portfolio Manager of the Lester Canadian Equity Fund. He joined in 2006 to help establish new investment policies at the firm and to manage equity and fixed income portfolios. Prior to this, Mr. Takacsy managed the assets of Groupe Laurem, including the cash proceeds resulting from the growth and sale of the control block of one of Canada's leading entertainment companies, where he was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Takacsy has a diverse career in finance, including investment banking at Richardson Greenshields and corporate banking at Royal Bank of Canada. He has extensive experience at analyzing and assessing the value of companies in many different industries and sizing up management and their business plans, a skill set that enhances the firm's clients' returns. Mr. Takacsy was Chairman of the finance committee of Loyola High School and a longtime member of the school's board of governors. He is currently a member of the board of governors of The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation and Chairman of its investment committee. Profile
TWST: Please begin by introducing our readers to Lester Asset Management with a brief firm history and an overview of your business today.

Mr. Takacsy: The firm has been around since