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Assessing the Behavioral Cycle in Terms of Value, Growth and Sentiment

Bruce, Brian R.
Brian R. Bruce is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Hillcrest Asset Management, LLC, an employee-owned institutional investment manager. Under Mr. Bruce, Hillcrest has won numerous awards for outstanding investment performance. Before founding Hillcrest, Mr. Bruce was Chief Investment Officer at PanAgora Asset Management. Previously, Mr. Bruce was Director of the Alternative Asset Management Center at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. He has also held senior investment roles at State Street Global Advisors and the Northern Trust Company. Mr. Bruce received his MBA from the University of Chicago, M.S. from DePaul University and B.S. from Illinois State University. He is a member of the Illinois State University College of Business Hall of Fame, is a recipient of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business CEO Award and was awarded the SMU Cox School of Business Media Expert of the Year Award. Mr. Bruce has published numerous scholarly articles and books including Analysts, Lies, and Statistics, which he co-authored with Harvard Business School Professor Mark Bradshaw. In addition, he co-authored the only textbook for student-managed portfolios, Trading and Money Management. He is also the Editor of Journal of Investing, the Journal of Index Investing, the Journal of Trading and the Journal of Behavioral Finance. Profile
TWST: What prompted you to establish Hillcrest?

Mr. Bruce: Hillcrest’s founding partners wanted to run money the best way we could for our clients using our