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Andy Watson – Network Appliance Inc (ntap)

ANDY WATSON is the Vice President, Strategic Technology for Network Appliance, Inc. Looking at emerging technologies relevant to NetApp's products and future plans, he is a member of the company's strategic development team. His prior experience on the customer side as well as working for computer industry vendors gives him a pragmatic perspective on making technology decisions. Mr. Watson has been with Network Appliance since July 1995. Prior to joining NetApp, he worked in various roles for several computer system vendors: Auspex Systems, Data General, and Prime Computer. As a customer, selecting and deploying computer industry products in the 1980s, he was an early adopter of UNIX-based workstations and servers: "right-sizing" engineering environments by porting mainframe-based application software to desktops, Cray supercomputer platforms, and midrange servers, achieving significant productivity gains while lowering costs. This also involved early adoption of IP networking, putting in thick- and thin-Ethernet LANs and setting up WAN links in the "early days" of internetworking. He has a Bachelor's degree from Bard College, majoring in Physics. Profile
TWST: Would you begin with a brief historical sketch of Network

Appliance, as well as an overview of the company?

Mr. Watson: Network Appliance was originally founded to accomplish a