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Andrew Benedek – Zenon Environmental Inc (

DR. ANDREW BENEDEK, Chairman and CEO of ZENON Environmental, Inc., received his engineering degree (chemical) from McGill University, Montreal, in 1966. By 1970, he obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering, from the University of Washington, Seattle, with a focus on wastewater treatment. He then accepted a professorship at McMaster University, Hamilton, where he taught and conducted research to find ways of improving water quality. In 1978, he coordinated the internationally recognized Wastewater Research Group, an organization known for its excellence in research in the field of water treatment technologies. Recognizing that overuse and contamination seriously threatened the world's water sources, Dr. Benedek founded ZENON Environmental Inc., a company dedicated to solving water quality problems through the use of advanced membrane technologies. ZENON Environmental Inc. was formed on his vision of a world where cost effective membrane technology could ensure humanity's survival, with safe and superior quality water. Dr. Benedek was among the first to believe that membrane technology would one day become a practical way to treat water; many did not hold his view. Dr. Benedek has served on many public boards such as the National Research Council of Canada, the Biotechnology Research Institute and the Conference Board of Canada. Noted as a leading authority on global water related issues, he has written over 100 scientific papers on water treatment and lectured extensively as keynote speaker to learned societies. Profile
TWST: Could you give a brief overview and history of ZENON


Dr. Benedek: The company was founded 20 years ago with the purpose of

using membranes to solve the expected water