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Amin Khoury – B/e Aerospace (beav)

AMIN J. KHOURY has been Chairman of the Board of B/E Aerospace, Inc., since he founded the company in 1987. He held the position of Chief Executive Officer until April 1996. Mr. Khoury is currently the Chairman of the Board of Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of oriented polypropylene films used in consumer products labeling and packaging. He also serves on the Boards of Brooks Automation, Inc., a leader in semiconductor tool and factory automation solutions for the semiconductor industry, Synthes-Stratec, the world's leading orthopedic trauma company, and the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra. Profile
TWST: We'd like to begin with a historical sketch of B/E Aerospace and

an overview?

Mr. Khoury: I founded the company with my brother, Bob Khoury, in 1987.

Included in the founding group were