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Alexander Adelson – Antaeu* (mtey)

ALEXANDER M. ADELSON is the CEO, President, and Vice Chairman of Antaeu*. He is a technocrat with over 35 years of experience as a Professional Manager, Businessman, and Applied Physicist. Experience and interests covering a diverse range of high technology fields including both economic and technical endeavors. His career began at Razdow Laboratories, a NASA think tank. In 1966 he formed his own company, W. R. Corporation, where he fathered monolithic switch technology which is widely used today. Since 1974, Mr. Adelson has led the Technology Resource Group of RTS Research Lab, Inc. (RTS). This group provides management, product development, and related marketing services to various clients with specialization in technical marketing matters. Mr. Adelson, as a secondary co-founder, and RTS, helped conceive and develop the first portable bar code scanner and acted as Chief Technical Consultant and Program Manager for 12 years for Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: SBL ' while developing two generations of portable bar code scanners. Mr. Adelson holds over 70 patents and trademarks in the fields of optical electronics, bar code technology, automatic inspection, supply chain, and medical software. He was honored by Symbol with the presentation of the LS7000 Silver Gun award. Mr. Adelson, in the early 1990s, was the architect for the conversion of Base Ten Systems, Inc. ( from a defense company into a commercial software firm serving a new market in the pharmaceutical world, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). The company was chosen by the Gartner Group as best of breed for their software products. Mr. Adelson was responsible for raising $44 million in equity financing and hiring new management for commercially restructuring the company. The firm enjoys an exceptional blue chip clientele in its field. Also in the early 1990s he was the co-founder of Patcomm Corporation, a company dedicated to high frequency radio products for amateur radio, commercial communications, and short wave receivers. Currently Patcomm is becoming a significant player in the EU market for amateur radio. Mr. Adelson was one of the guiding forces behind the successful Empire One Telecommunications, Inc. (EOT). It is a full-service telephone company providing ethnic communities with first language services from the US throughout the world, including China, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Ireland, Pakistan and Mexico. Mr. Adelson is a recipient of a Special Congressional Recognition Award for his work as a successful entrepreneur sand demonstrated Business Acumen. He was recently honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by his alma mater, Muhlenberg College, and is a Trustee of that institution. He was awarded a Gold Medal for work done for HBO by the National Retailers of America. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Empire One Telecommunications, Inc. (, Patcomm Corporation ( and ACTIVEWORLDS.COM, Inc. ( Profile
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