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A Global Outlook on Energy Policy and Trends

Dr. Josef Auer
Dr. Josef Auer is currently a Senior Economist at DB Research, Deutsche Bank AG, in the Sector Research section. Besides energy topics, he covers the steel and mechanical engineering sectors. He has issued a host of analyses and forecasts on the energy market, not least with the focus on Germany and Europe. His interest in energy issues — cultivated while majoring in economics at university and maintained after graduation — resulted in his joining Metallgesellschaft AG from 1986- to 1988. His doctoral thesis at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitat in Frankfurt am Main, where he worked for several years as an Assistant Lecturer at the Institut fur Konjunktur, Wachstum und Verteilung, concentrated on raw materials and was thus also related to energy issues. Profile
TWST: Please begin with some career highlights and tell us about your role at Deutsche Bank, Germany.

Dr. Auer: I studied economics at the university in Frankfurt am Main. This is in