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A. Eugene Sapp Jr. – Sci Systems Inc (sci)

A. EUGENE SAPP, JR. is Chairman, President and CEO of SCI Systems, Inc. He was formerly with Bell Telephone Laboratories and Texas Instruments prior to joining SCI Systems, Inc. He has been with SCI Systems, Inc. since shortly after its formation. He held a variety of technical and managerial positions prior to being named the company's President and Chief Operating Officer in 1981. On July 1, 1999 Mr. Sapp was elevated to Chief Executive Officer, and on July 1, 2000 he assumed the position of Chairman. Since 1981 the company's revenues have grown from $59 million to a current run-rate approaching $10 billion annually. SCI Systems, Inc. was recently ranked by Fortune as one of the top 10 most admired electronics companies in America. The company's 37 plants located in 17 countries design, manufacture, distribute, and service electronic products for the computer, aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical, industrial, aerospace and defense markets. Profile
TWST: Can you give us a brief overview and a little history of SCI just

to set the stage?

Mr. Sapp: SCI was formed in Huntsville, Alabama in 1961 as an aerospace

company. It was an outgrowth