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Investing in Stable Japanese Companies for the Long Term

Takeda, Masakazu
Masakazu Takeda, CFA, CMA, is a Portfolio Manager for SPARX Asset Management Co., Ltd., subadviser to the Hennessy Japan Fund, and he has managed the fund since 2006. Prior to joining SPARX in 1999, Mr. Takeda was employed by the Long Term Credit Bank of Japan — currently Shinsei Bank — and LTCB Warburg, now UBS Securities. Mr. Takeda received a B.S. in liberal arts from International Christian University, and he is a CFA charterholder and a chartered member of the Security Analysts Association of Japan. Profile
TWST: Can you give us an idea of your role in your firm and the fund that you'd like to talk about today?

Mr. Takeda: I am a Portfolio Manager at SPARX, and I run