Natural Resources >> CEO Interviews >> December 8, 2017

Interview with the President and CEO: Broadway Gold Mining Ltd. (OTCMKTS:BDWYF)

Parnham, Duane
Duane Parnham is President and CEO of Broadway Gold Mining Ltd. Mr. Parnham brings vast expertise from his 30-plus year career in the mining and hydrocarbon industries. He specializes in finding, exploring and securing undervalued assets for early-stage ventures. Founding and developing several resource-focused companies, including UNX Energy, Temex Resources, Giyani Metals Corp, Forsys Metals and Canoe Mining Ventures, he has helped create over C$1.2 billion in shareholder value. In 2017, Mr. Parnham won the Ontario Premier’s Award for College Graduates — business category — for his career in mining, recognizing his significant economic and social contributions to society. Profile
TWST: Please introduce Broadway Gold Mining with a brief history and an overview of its structure and assets.

Mr. Parnham: We acquired a very exciting, advanced-stage exploration