Financial Services >> Analyst Interviews >> February 24, 2017

Individual Bank Performance as Important as Macro Environment

Mosby, Marty
Marty Mosby is a Director of Bank and Equity Strategies at Vining Sparks. Mr. Mosby has been a Bank Research Analyst for the past seven years. He has utilized his past experience of managing a regional bank for two decades to cover 20 of the largest U.S. banks. Prior to covering banks, Mr. Mosby had been an Executive Manager at First Horizon National Corporation, where over his 20-year career he had served as Chief Financial Officer, Head of Investor Relations and Strategic Planning, ALCO Chairperson and Chief Economist. As CFO, he guided First Horizon National Corporation through four years of Sarbanes-Oxley and directed the Treasury, Tax, Controller, M&A, Strategic Planning and Investor Relations departments. This has helped him gain a strong understanding of the banking industry, which he has used to develop differentiated bank analysis and correlations of profitability to market valuations. Mr. Mosby graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1988 with a Master of Arts in economics and from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics in 1986. Profile
TWST: Let's start with an introduction to your coverage universe. Do you focus primarily on the large-cap banks?

Mr. Mosby: That's correct. We cover 20 of the