William A. Haseltine

WILLIAM A. HASELTINE is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief
Executive Officer of Human Genome Sciences, Inc., (HGS), a company he
founded in 1992. Human Genome Sciences’ mission is to develop products
to prevent, treat and cure disease based on its leadership in the
discovery and understanding of human genes. Dr. Haseltine holds a
doctorate from Harvard University in Biophysics. Dr. Haseltine was a
Professor at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School and
Harvard School of Public Health from 1976 to 1993. Dr. Haseltine became
Chairman and CEO of HGS in 1993. He has a distinguished record of
achievement in cancer and AIDS research. He has received numerous awards
for his scientific work. He is the founder and Editor of the online
journal E-Biomed: The Journal of Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Haseltine
has over 250 publications in scientific literature. He has been awarded
more than 50 patents for his discoveries. Dr. Haseltine also has many
years of experience with biotechnology companies. Since 1981 he has
founded seven companies, each in a different area of medicine. As a
scientific advisor to HealthCare Ventures, he helped to establish an
additional 20 biotechnology companies. Dr. Haseltine has received many
honors for his achievements in science, medicine and business.