Tony Sarin

TONY SARIN, age 38, is an Executive Director of NewMedia SPARK Plc and
Chairman of SPARK India. He is a qualified Accountant and holds a
degree in Economics from the University of Essex. He was the founder
and CEO of Plc (acquired by SPARK in July 2000) and
formerly an equity partner (and member of the Management Committee) of
Morley & Scott Chartered Accountants. Mr Sarin sits on the Bank of
England Small Business Panel advising on Asian businesses. He is the
Vice Chairman of the Asian Business Association, Member of Council of
the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and part of the Minority
Ethnic Advisory Group of the UK’s Government Task Force for “New Deal”.
He represents the London Chamber of Commerce on the Board of the Central
London Partnership. The CLP is the principal consultative body on pan-
central London issues.

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