Thomas A. Munro

THOMAS A. MUNRO was recently promoted to President of WFI in September
2000. He previously served as Chief Financial Officer since joining the
firm in 1997. He is an experienced finance professional, with 18 years
of experience in rapidly growing companies. During 1995-1996, Mr. Munro
was Founder and CEO of @Market, a startup e-commerce firm that developed
an online store for the sale of outdoor sporting goods. Previously, Mr.
Munro served as the CFO for Precision Digital Images, a Seattle-area
startup firm involved in the development of leading edge image
processing devices and software. His professional career began in the
commercial finance industry with MetLife Capital Corporation, where he
worked from 1981 until 1993, attaining the role of CFO. Mr. Munro holds
a BA and an MBA in Finance from the University of Washington. He is the
co-author of two college-level textbooks on computer programming, and
retains an avid interest in digital technology.