Stig Johansson

STIG JOHANSSON has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of
Carrier1 International SA since March 1998, and has more than 30 years
experience in Telecommunications. Prior to founding Carrier1, Mr.
Johansson was President of Unisource Carrier Services from September
1996 until 28 February 1998 where he was responsible for turning
Unisource Carrier Services from a network development and planning
company into a fully commercial pan-Western European carriers’ carrier.
By the time Mr. Johansson left Unisource Carrier Services it had been
built into one of the largest European wholesale carriers of
international traffic. Mr. Johansson was a member of Unisource’s
supervisory board from 1992 until 1996. Prior to joining Unisource
Carrier Services, Mr. Johansson worked for the Swedish ITO (Telia),
where he was most recently Executive Vice President. During his 26 years
at Telia, Mr. Johansson has held a variety of positions. Mr. Johansson
holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics and in Engineering

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