Thomas Smeenk

Smeenk, Thomas

Thomas Smeenk is President and CEO of Broadway Gold Mining Ltd. Mr. Smeenk is a project finance, mineral exploration and business development executive with a proven track record of bringing new discoveries to market. He has been investing in the mining industry since 1996, serving as President and CEO of Tyranex Gold Inc. — “Tyranex” — and as President and CEO of IBI Corporation — “IBI.” During his tenure at Tyranex, Mr. Smeenk successfully financed and completed three exploration programs at the Tyranite Mine. At IBI, his accomplishments included financing the discovery of a world-class vermiculite mine in Uganda, which was subsequently sold to Rio Tinto. Additionally, Mr. Smeenk’s background includes extensive experience in financing and business development as Vice President and President of e-Manufacturing Networks Inc. He also spent five years as President and Director of TheraVitae Inc. — now Hemostemix — a private stem cell therapy company where he successfully completed multiple financings and took Astrix Networks Inc. — now Memex Inc. — public as its Vice President, Business Development.