Shekhar Pramanick

SHEKHAR PRAMANICK is Senior Analyst and Managing Director, Semiconductor
Equipment and Manufacturing at Schwab SoundView Capital Markets. Before
joining the firm in April 2004, Dr. Pramanick worked at Prudential
Equity Group, LLC, as a senior analyst covering the semiconductor
equipment and manufacturing sector since 2000. In 2001, Dr. Pramanick
was recognized as Next Generation analyst by Institutional Investor
survey. Dr. Pramanick’s industry experience includes six years at
Advanced Micro Devices. Dr. Pramanick received his PhD degree in
materials science and engineering from North Carolina State University;
his master’s degree in physics from University of Oregon, and his
bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Regional Engineering
College, India. Dr. Pramanick holds 40 US patents in semiconductor

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October 18, 2004