Scott Sterling Johnston

SCOTT STERLING JOHNSTON is the architect of the investment style
and is the Founder, Chief Executive, and Chief Investment Officer
at Sterling Johnston Capital Management. As CIO, he has ultimate
responsibility for all investment-related activities. Mr.
Johnston received his undergraduate degree from the University of
California, Berkeley, and an MBA from the University of Southern
California. He began his career as an Auditor with Andersen
Consulting and later joined Smith Barney & Co. as an
institutional salesman. Beginning in 1976, Mr. Johnston was
responsible for $500 million in assets as CIO and head of the
Trust Investment Department at San Diego Trust and Savings Bank.
From 1981 to 1985, Mr. Johnston was the Chief Executive of
Security Pacific Bank’s investment advisory subsidiary, Pacific
Century Group, Inc. There, he started the Pacific Horizon family
of mutual funds and was responsible for over $5 billion in
managed assets. In 1985 Mr. Johnston launched his own
independent SEC-registered investment advisory firm, Sterling
Johnston Capital Management. For a brief period from 1992 to
1996, Mr. Johnston served as co-Founder, minority partner, and
Chief Investment Officer of another money management firm, after
which he reactivated Sterling Johnston Capital Management. Under
Mr. Johnston’s direction, Sterling Johnston now manages more than
$565 million in assets. Mr. Johnston received national
recognition for investment accomplishment as early as 1980, and
has appeared in national publications such as The Wall Street
Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Pensions & Investments,
Institutional Investor, Money magazine and Forbes. He is also
featured extensively as one of 18 investment professionals in the
book Investment Gurus, written by Peter Tanous and published by
Prentice-Hall in 1997.