Scott Alaniz

Scott Alaniz joined Sandler O’Neill & Partners, LP, in April 2004. He
has research coverage of Southwest regional banks and thrifts. His
addition adds depth and breadth to Sandler O’Neill’s research team. Mr.
Alaniz is well-known throughout the Southwest, particularly in Texas,
for his detailed knowledge of the Texas banking market. Mr. Alaniz has
addressed Texas bankers at conferences as well as bank management teams
and directors. He is quoted frequently by national and regional
publications on events in Texas banking. Prior to joining Sandler
O’Neill, Mr. Alaniz was managing director for bank stock research at
SAMCO Capital Markets, a boutique focused on the Texas banking market.
This position followed his work at Stephens, Inc., where he we was
employed for over 12 years, and was most recently responsible for the
Texas banking market. Mr. Alaniz holds a BS in Business Administration
from the University of Arkansas. He is a chartered financial analyst and
a member of the Dallas Society of Financial Analysts.