Sarah Mattson

SARAH MATTSON is a Senior Research Analyst focusing on Enterprise
Infrastructure Software for RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Capital
Markets’ technology team. Before joining RBC, Ms. Mattson had
been a Research Analyst at Warburg Dillon Read in San Francisco
from 1998, where she was part of the Enterprise and Internet
Software team. Prior to joining Warburg Dillon Read, Ms. Mattson
was a Business Strategist for Silicon Graphics Incorporated of
Mountain View, California, which followed a two-year stint in
Europe, first as part of an MBA exchange program and then working
for Allianz Aktiengesellschaft, developing new product programs
for Allianz’s European subsidiaries. Prior to that, Ms. Mattson
spent two years with a high technology consulting company in the
San Francisco area, where she helped energy systems startups
develop commercialization and marketing strategies, and three
years with Ford Motor Company as a Process Engineer. Ms. Mattson
received a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia
Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of
California at Berkeley.