Ronald M. Shaich

RONALD M. SHAICH is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Panera
Bread Company. Prior to leading the company, Mr. Shaich founded Au Bon
Pain Co., Inc. with Louis Kane in 1981. He served as the co-Chairman and
CEO of Au Bon Pain Co. Inc., heading both the Au Bon Pain and Panera
Bread business units, until the sale of the Au Bon Pain business unit in
1999. Since the sale, Mr. Shaich has served as the Chairman and CEO of
Panera Bread. His commitment to operational excellence has led the
company through tremendous growth. Prior to Au Bon Pain, Mr. Shaich
served as Eastern Regional Manager for the Original Cookie Company,
helping to grow the operation into a 112-store chain. He applied his
experience to Au Bon Pain and was integral in building the company from
three units to more than 300 cafes throughout the world in just 15

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