Roger F. Hruby

ROGER F. HRUBY is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and the major
stockholder of CFC International, Inc., a leading chemical specialty
company. He was the President and Chief Operating Officer of the
company’s predecessor, Bee Chemical, from 1977 until the sale of that
company to Morton Thiokol, Inc. in 1985, at which time Mr. Hruby also
became its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Hruby also organized the
formation of Bee Chemical’s Japanese joint venture in 1970 and
supervised its growth from a start-up venture to a significant
manufacturing company with sales in excess of $40 million. In 1986, Mr.
Hruby formed the company, which purchased Bee Chemical’s specialty
transferable solid coatings division from Morton Thiokol and has been
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and until June 1995,
President of the company since the date of its incorporation. Mr. Hruby
has been involved in the specialty chemical industry since 1958. Mr.
Hruby earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from North Central College
and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of