Robert M. Kaufman

ROBERT M. KAUFMAN has been Chief Executive Officer of CareMatrix
Corporation since August 1, 1997. Previous to that, he was President of
the Company from October 4, 1996. He spent from 1973 until July 1996
with Coopers & Lybrand, L.L.P., with the last fifteen years as a
partner, specializing in the for-profit health care, real estate and
retail/consumer products industries. Mr. Kaufman has significant
experience advising companies in the long-term care, senior housing and
physician sectors in such areas as business and strategic planning, deal
negotiations and structure, public and private financing, real estate
development and management. In addition, he was a member of Coopers &
Lybrand’s mergers and acquisitions group and was on the Board of
Partners, the Firm’s nationally elected oversight committee. Mr. Kaufman
is a member of the Board of Directors of the Assisted Living Federation
of America.

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