Robert E. Belknap

ROBERT E. BELKNAP is a Portfolio Manager for Ingalls & Snyder LLC, where
he manages the Legacy Growth Fund. Using a growth-oriented approach, Mr.
Belknap also manages individual, charitable and corporate retirement
plans and trust portfolios for US and international clients. He earned
an AB degree from the University of Virginia and is a graduate of New
York University Graduate Business School. Mr. Belknap was a Lieutenant
in the U.S. Naval Reserves from 1961-1965. Prior to joining the firm as
Principal in 1993, he was a Senior Vice President for Seligman
Securities, Inc. and Principal of Robert E. Belknap & Co. He was on the
Advisory Committee of The Bermuda Aquarium and is a Founding Trustee of
Guardian International Investment Trust and Freisenbruch-Meyer
Retirement Trust, both of Hamilton, Bermuda.

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