Robert Cummisford

ROBERT CUMMISFORD is a Vice President and Director of Small Company
Stock Management at Lyon Street Asset Management Company, the investment
advisor to the Kent Funds. He is responsible for research and portfolio
management in the active equity management area. Mr. Cummisford has
created many of the investment management systems used by the firm to
manage active equity investments. He was co-Portfolio Manager of the
Kent Growth & Income Fund prior to being named Director of Small Company
Stock Management and assuming the role of Lead Manager for the Kent
Small Company Growth Fund in 1999. The Investment Management Group
currently manages assets in excess of $12.0 billion, including the Kent
Funds, Old Kent’s proprietary mutual fund family with over $6.7 billion
of assets. Prior to joining Old Kent, Mr. Cummisford was a Senior
Consultant with Ibbotson Associates in Chicago, Illinois, an Investment
Officer/Mutual Funds Analyst at First Chicago Corporation, and
previously worked in First Chicago’s personal trust and internal audit
areas. He received his BA degrees in Economics and Behavioral Sciences,
Cum Laude, from Lake Forest College. Mr. Cummisford is a Chartered
Financial Analyst and a member of AIMR and the Investment Analyst’s
Society of Chicago ‘ West Michigan Chapter.