Richard Conroy

Professor RICHARD CONROY is the Executive Chairman of Conroy Diamonds & Gold Plc. Professor Richard Conroy has been involved in natural resources for many years. He established Trans-International Oil in 1974, which was primarily involved in Irish offshore oil exploration, and initiated the Deminex Consortium, which included Deminex, Mobil, Amoco & DSM. Trans-International Oil was merged with Aran Energy Plc in 1979. Professor Conroy founded Conroy Petroleum and Natural Resources Plc, which in 1986 made the very significant discovery of the Galmoy zinc deposit in Co. Kilkenny, which is now in production as a major base metal mine. Conroy Petroleum was also a founding member of the Stoneboy consortium an exploration group, which discovered the POGO gold fields in Alaska. Conroy petroleum acquired Atlantic Resources Plc in 1992 and was renamed ARCON International Resources Plc (‘ARCON’). Professor Conroy was Chairman and Chief Executive of ARCON from 1980 to 1994.
Professor Conroy is Emeritus Professor of Physiology in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. His research has included pioneering work on the effects of Circadian Rhythms including Jet lag, Shift Working and Decision Taking in Business after Intercontinental Flights. Professor Conroy served for two terms in the Irish parliament as a
member of the Senate. As Senator he was at various times front bench spokesman for the Government party in the Upper House on Energy, Industry and Commerce, Foreign Affairs and Northern Ireland.