Rhys J. Best

RHYS J. BEST is Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lone
Star Technologies, Inc. Mr. Best was President and Chief Executive
Officer of Lone Star Steel Company from 1989 until he was promoted to
President and Chief Operating Officer of Lone Star Technologies in
August 1997 and Chief Executive Officer in June 1998. He assumed the
additional duties of Chairman in January 1999. Mr. Best began his career
in banking in Dallas and later worked for a major New York bank. In
1982, he joined First City Bank Corporation. When he became President,
First City Dallas was the fourth largest bank in the Dallas-Fort Worth
metroplex. Mr. Best graduated from the University of North Texas with a
BBA, and earned an MBA at Southern Methodist University. He is Chairman
of Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association and he is a Director of
Maguire Energy Institute.

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