O. B. Parrish

O.B. PARRISH has served as Chief Executive Officer of The Female Health
Company since 1994, as acting Chief Financial Officer from February 1996
to March 1999 and as the Chairman of the Board and a Director of the
company since 1987. Mr. Parrish is a shareholder and has served as the
President and a Director of Phoenix Health Care of Illinois, Inc., a
holding company, since 1987. Mr. Parrish also is Chairman and a Director
of ViatiCare, LLC, a financial services company, and Chairman and a
Director of MIICRO Inc., a neuroimaging company. Mr. Parrish is also a
trustee of Lawrence University. From 1977 until 1986, Mr. Parrish was
President of the Global Pharmaceutical Group of G.D. Searle & Co. Prior
to that, Mr. Parrish was Executive Vice President of Pfizer’s
International Division.

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July 26, 2004