Murry S. Gerber

MURRY S. GERBER has been Chairman, President and Chief Executive
Officer of Equitable Resources, Inc., since June 1, 1998. He was
elected Chairman of the Board on May 17, 2000. Prior to joining
Equitable, Mr. Gerber was with Shell Oil as CEO of Coral Energy
and previously served as Treasurer. Mr. Gerber serves on the
Boards of BlackRock, Inc., and Westport Resources. He is on the
Boards of the Pennsylvania Business Roundtable, the Allegheny
Conference on Community Development, the Pittsburgh Symphony
Society and the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania. He is
Chairman of the Education Policy and Issues Center. He is also on
the Boards of the American Gas Association and the Interstate
Natural Gas Association of America. He is Vice Chair of the Board
of Trustees for Augustana College. He currently serves as co-
Chairman of the Governor’s Task Force on Early Childhood Care and
Education. Mr. Gerber holds a Master’s degree in Geology from the
University of Illinois and a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from
Augustana College. He is a member of various professional
associations including the American Association of Petroleum
Geologists, the Houston Geological Society and the New Orleans
Geological Society.