Michael M. Selzer

MICHAEL M. SELZER, JR. is President & Chief Executive Officer and
Director of Urologix, Inc., the leader in Cooled ThermoTherapy_.
Urologix is a global company that develops, manufactures and
markets minimally invasive medical devices for the treatment of
urological disorders. Mr. Selzer applies his many years of
management experience in the biomedical arena and his engineering
expertise to the field of urology. Before joining Urologix, Mr.
Selzer served as Vice President and General Manager of the
neurostimulation business of Medtronic, Inc., a medical device
manufacturer. During his 23-year tenure with Medtronic, he served
in various management roles within the company’s microelectronics
subsidiary, battery operation, biomaterials development group and
animal research facility. Prior to Medtronic, he worked for
Motorola in their semiconductor business. Mr. Selzer is also a
Director of Cyberoptics Corporation, a manufacturer of
semiconductor equipment and MedAmicus, Inc., a medical device
manufacturer. He also has supported United Way efforts in both
Minneapolis and Phoenix. Mr. Selzer earned a MBA from Arizona
State University and received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical
Engineering from South Dakota School of Mines.