Melissa B. Eisenstat

MELISSA B. EISENSTAT joined CIBC World Markets’ research department in
1993 and is currently a Managing Director and Senior Software Analyst.
In addition to analyzing the major enterprise software companies, Ms.
Eisenstat manages the software research team which provides coverage on
roughly 35 enterprise infrastructure and application software companies.
In recognition of Ms. Eisenstat’s highly regarded research capabilities,
she was selected by The Wall Street Journal as an All Star Analyst in
its 1997, 1998 and 1999 surveys, having averaged an annual return of 98%
over the three year period, and having achieved a 120% return for the
most recent year. Prior to joining CIBC World Markets, Ms. Eisenstat
spent four years at Pillar Corporation, a software company where she
managed the company’s product testing program for its client-server
corporate financial planning product, and spent three years in direct
sales. She was the top sales representative for the company in her first
year. Before Pillar, Ms. Eisenstat was with Apple Computer, first in
international marketing and later in US business development. Ms.
Eisenstat received her MBA from the Wharton School, University of
Pennsylvania and her BA from the University of Pennsylvania.