Marvin J. Gralnick

MARVIN J. GRALNICK, Chairman and CEO of Chico’s FAS, Inc., founded
Chico’s in December 1983 together with his wife, Helene B. Gralnick. He
served the company as its CEO until September 1993, at which time
Jeffrey J. Zwick succeeded Mr. Gralnick in this position. In connection
with the resignation of Mr. Zwick as CEO, President and a Director of
the company in November 1994, Mr. Gralnick and Ms. Gralnick returned to
the company on a full-time basis to head up merchandise design,
marketing and image for the company. In February 1995, Mr. Gralnick re-
assumed the role of CEO and in March 1997 re-assumed the position of
President following the departure of Melissa Payner. In addition, Mr.
Gralnick continues to serve as Chairman of the Board and as a Director.
Mr. Gralnick served as President from the company’s founding until 1990
when he became Chairman of the Board and was given the official title of